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Rutland Water Fishing

Rutland Water is located near to Oakham Village in Leicestershire thought to be England’s premier Fly Fishery that is also a leisure park and offers predator fishing too. The water is some 3100acres of a pure fishing madness and a 23-mile walk around the perimeter. It is the biggest expanse of water allotted to Fly Fishing, the three main areas being North Lake, South Lake and the Basin. All of these can be regarded as a reservoir on their own and each offers the angler a unique opportunity and locations to fish from both bank and boat. The water has an excellent fleet of new Goulam boats that fitted with petrol engines. The staff are also very friendly, and eager to help in making your day more enjoyable, pre Covid and hopefully post, the clubhouse and shop located under the restaurant. The shop is probably one of the best stocked in terms of equipment and Fly Fishing needs from Flies, Clothing, Equipment to Fly Tying materials. You enter it at your peril as you are always tempted to buy something before departing the shop. There is a track and road access to pretty much most of the water for the bank angler.

Rutland Water holds many competitions throughout the year, from Internationals, England Qualifiers, Anglers world matches to name a few. It is very popular with not just the match angler but also the purist as its a great buzzer water early season. The water is stocked regularly to add spice to the fishing.

Rutland Water is run by Anglian water who also manage Grafham Water, Pitsford and Ravensthoerhoe so you also have the opportunity in fishing all with a three or four-day ticket.

It can fish most methods, I have been there in summer and late winter catching on all methods from dry Fly, Buzzers to lures and even dare I say snakes. 

Location/Post Code/contact details

Address: Normanton Rd, Edith Weston, Oakham LE15 8HD

Phone: 01780 686441

Car Parking 9/10

The place as ample hard-surfaced space to park your cars near the office. The car park is massive and secure and you must get your car park ticket endorsed by the fishing shop, there is no charge if you are fly fishing for the car park.

Disabled Access 9/10

The water has a wheely boat that can take anglers with needs that need to be pre-booked.

Toilets and Hot Food 9/10

The toilet is located next to the office has a separate entrance and is clean and well maintained. There is a very good restaurant that offers both breakfast and lunch or other foods. 

Shop 8/10

The shop is probably one of the best ones on any water with a very good stock of all the anglers needs. Enter at your peril as you will be tempted to walk out with a purchase.

Life Jacket 9/10

These are provided by the fishery and must be worn at all times. The life jackets are provided when boat fishing and are next to the jetty.

Wading 9/10

There is access to a massive expanse of bank fishing and wading is permitted, it’s always tricky choosing where to go.

Views 8/10

Are very good, rolling farm with some stunning Leicestershire countryside views.

Fly Fishing 9/10

It is a truly magnificent Fly Fishing venue with so many areas, bays, locations to study and fish. The fish are quality and grow on with all the natural water life that exists in the water. It is fantastic Buzzer water or nymphing water and will lend itself to most methods. 

My overall rating 9/10

It has a well established and deserved reputation as the premier water but like all waters can be moody, it has to be on the list of waters that you and all Fly Anglers must visit.

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