a swivel boat seat for fly fishing

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Swivel Boat Seat issues

There are many types of Boat seats out there for fly anglers, the market offers variety and value. This market is constantly developing and changing, I have recently changed my boat seat to the one shown in the picture.

This blog gives you a simple guide on how to assemble a swivel turntable Boat seat.

This has two items to the seat and is a self-assembly option, the seat can be bought separately on the market or on eBay as can the swivel and turntable base.

The seat sellers normally provide the screws BUT check with the supplier that they do supply this m if they have done you can get them from any hardware or BQ, Wickes, Screwfix or retailer. 

I ordered these on eBay and they arrived fairly quickly and were easy to assemble BUT I know from experience and speaking to others that the seat can be wobbly due to the wire clamps. 

See links below to some sites to help.

What do you need?

1-A Boat seat that fits a standard swivel turntable (with bots x4).

2-Swivel turntable clamp.

3-Cut 8 x 4-inch copper 5mm piping (spacers between clamp bolt and plastic base).

4-12mm turnbuckle.

Some Issues to consider, with solutions 

1- Fit for purpose-butterfly nuts, EVEN when fully tightened, you still have an issue getting the seat to fit the boat boards. The Clamp is not tight enough and cannot secure the seat sufficiently.

2- Access to the Clamp Bolts-The Size of the thread means that when you try to tighten the nuts fully they are below the seat and can be awkward to access.

3-Obstruction-The remnant thread nut from the seat sticks out and can be a hindrance to fishing and clothing, there is a danger of ripping or tearing your clothes.

The seat and swivel and turntable are light and functional. But with the above issues to consider.

I discussed these with friends who are very practical and fully understands the points I make above.


1/2-The Wobbly and secure issue, namely of securing the clamps robustly on the boat board can be easily solved. It requires a 12mm turnbuckle, this can be purchased at a host of places, I got mine from the tool station for about ¬£2.60 via my good friend. 

Purchase one of these and unscrew both butterfly nuts of one metal clamp. You will need to unscrew the 4 nuts on either side of the plastic casing housing each of the two clamps; these can be removed as they will help with the clamp being able to be tightened to fit the boat boards (10″) or else you will struggle.

Place one copper pipe spacer on each side of the clamp bolt.

Feed the circular side of the turnbuckle onto the clamp that you have teased out and feed the clamp bolt back into both sides of the plastic housing.

Now place another copper spacer on each side of the clamp and plastic housing. 

 Place a washer and butterfly nut and tighten these.

Repeat 1/2 with the other clamp bolt.

Fitting onto boat board.

1-Place clamp bolts onto the board and you may need to open the clamps to fit onto the board.

Open the turnbuckle so it can hook onto the other side of the other  bolt clamp.

2-Tighten both the sides of swivel bolt clamps using the butterfly bolts.

3-Tighten the turnbuckle so that it secures the bolt clamp tightly.

4-Check to ensure all bolts and clamps are tight.

5-Sit and try the seat security.

The seat should now be fully secure and safe from any wobbling or tilting.

when removing reverse the process., once you have done this a few times it will be second nature and easy.

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